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2018 Mid-Year Crossover Bills

Through 5/30/2018 Crossover, the SWCLC has adopted position on 62 bills this session. The Council has SUPPORTED 25 measures and OPPOSED 37. As of 6/1, 35%, or 22, of those bills cleared their house of origin and continued their journey into the 2nd chamber. Of those, only 7 of the SUPPORTED measures advanced while 15

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Based on extensive review, the SWCLC has adopted the following positions for the 2016 California Ballot Propositions:


The SWCLC is strongly OPPOSED to AB1066. This bill is bad for CA farmers, bad for CA! Some people just can't do math.


Join us this coming Monday as the Southwest California Legislative Council reviews the ballot propositions you will face in November. Each prop will be evaluate...


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