Mission Statement

To provide a basis for the five chambers of commerce to act on local, state and federal government issues to secure a favorable and profitable business climate for the region.

We Mean Business

We hold our elected officials accountable to issues that impact job creation throughout Southwest California.

Find out how our elected officials rank on those issues by following the link below to the Legislative Report Card.

Legislative Report Cards

Strategic Initiatives

Each year the SWCLC determines a series of Strategic Initiatives that will guide our policy decisions during the course of the legislative year. The 2016 Policy Platform is constructed to support these Strategic Initiatives, however, any policy or legislative initiative that may impact local members will be considered.

SWCLC Strategic Initiatives include:

  • Public Safety
  • Job Creation & Business Retention
  • Budget & Tax Reform
  • Infrastructure & the Environment
  • Healthcare

Online petition

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Phone Numbers

SWCLC (951) 205-1911
Legislative Liaison Gene Wunderlich